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"Ailə" Medical Insurance Program by A-Group

Unfortunately, there is an increase in diseases such as oncology, cardiovascular system diseases, hepatitis, diabetes all over the world and Azerbaijan is no exception.
Most deaths are usually caused by late detection of the above-mentioned illnesses. The most effective method of fighting with health and life-threatening is its early diagnosis. Detecting the disease before giving up its first symptoms means preventing its strengthening and giving it the chance to recover completely.
Furthermore, the undeniable advantage of modern diagnostics is that treatment at an early stage of illness requires less funding.
Given the importance and urgency of this problem, A-Qroup Insurance Company has developed the Ailə Planning Probe, which protects your Ailə from significant financial costs and increases the chances of treating the disease in case of illness detection.
This application is intended for families with Ailə members up to 3 people and more. The price of an insurance policy for a single person was less than the cost of each member of the Ailə.
When you get the "Ailə" program, you will be provided with an instant communication with the insurance company by pushing a SOS button on the A-Qroup Mobile Concierge mobile application. Just press a button so our dispatchers will need your help, see your geolocation, and send MediClub's brigade immediately.
The main advantage of the Ailə program is the fact that Check Up is free, making it possible to detect the most probable diseases in your health. The free Check Up plan includes all analyzes for diagnosis and diagnosis of oncological diseases, Hepatitis B and C, blood sugar and cholesterol levels.
  • 15,000 AZN (annual) insurance coverage for each insured member of "Ailə"
  • Ambulance
  • Outpatient treatment
  • Stationary treatment
  • Emergency and planned dentistry
  • Medikamentoz supplies
  • Emergency vaccine and flu vaccine
  • Physiotherapy and medical massage procedures
  • Check-ups that have been discovered at the initial stage of the disease
Therapeutic examination
  • General analysis of blood and urine
  • ECG
  • The abdominal cavity USM
  • X-ray examination of the rib cage
  • The abdominal cavity USM
  • Analysis of sugar and cholesterol (for the purpose of early diagnosis of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases)
  • Hepatitis B and C examinations
  • Laboratory analyzes that reveal the most common cancer disorders (prostate, ovarian and childhood cancer)
Advantages of Ailə Insurance Program
  • 24-hour consultant-dispatch service for operative solution of questions
  • Saving up to 25% compared to individual insurance
  • Partial payment is made when purchasing the Ailə program.
The last insurance premium is determined on the basis of the survey completed according to the age and health status of the insured
The "Ailə" program is a progressive approach to health.