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"Göydəndüşmə Təklif" Casco by A-Group Insurance

The main feature of the A-Group Insurance Claim is its personal approach to each client when preparing a new product. With the "Göydəndüşmə Təklif", the aim of the market is to take care of the disciplined and prudent drivers without the fault of their casualties.

By paying only 0.8%, customers of A-Qroup Insurance Company can protect their vehicles from all incidents they are not guilty of: road traffic accidents, falls from falling from the skies, third-party infidels, theft, hijacking and other unforeseen events.

"Göydəndüşmə təklif" - this is a great opportunity to save money and get reliable security. Undoubtedly, this offer will relieve A-Qroup Insurance Company clients from expenses and concerns.


  • High level service
  • No deductions amount
  • No depreciation costs
  • Evacuation
  • We also have paperwork in the official bodies

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