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Casco Insurance Program "Avtodost" By Ata Insurance

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Everyone needs a friend who can always count on his life. To a friend, let him be able to share his problems with him at any time and, finally, to believe in him. Each of us is desirous of such a friend, and it is not possible to envy such friends.
So be prepared to get acquainted with your friend, Avtodost, who is the dream of everyone!
Avtodost is a friend who is ready to provide you with absolutely free services within the scope of the new professional insurance offered by AtaInsurance. He is your friend!
Alternative Car - During the repair period of your car, you will definitely need a temporary car. Your car will never let you down.
Evacuator - We are ready to come to any place of the day at any time of the day and bring your car to repair!
Repair on the Road - If you have a car, should your hand be greased? Certainly not. Simply call us!
Technical Inspection - The way to keep the car in good condition is to regularly conduct a technical inspection.
Online Advice - On the other side of the phone, a friend, who is always ready to give you legal and technical advice, will look forward to your call.
Who is avtodost for?
Avtodost is intended for individuals and legal entities, whose production year has been in operation since 2004 and market value is more than 10,000 manat.
How much should I pay for avtodost?
Physical and legal persons who want to get autodost are considered to have a motor vehicle, engine size, and so on. By paying 3.2% of the car's value, Avtodosta can benefit from unpaid services.
What are the models of alternative cars?
Hyundai and Kia cars are available during the insurance event within 10 days.
How many times can I use evacuator and road maintenance?
Evacuator and maintenance service on the road can be called up to 3 times a year for technical malfunctions.